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Posted on April 26 , 2011 In Medical CFNM, cfnm

Dick Doctor

Maybelle is this cute Latin hottie who I met at the spa, but she wants to be a nurse, so she gets her kicks out of medical roleplay. She says she’s cumming through for a checkup, but the only catch to the thyroid treatment I’ve giving her for her throat is possible dizziness and [...]

Posted on May 14 , 2010 In Medical CFNM, cfnm

Doctor Dick

Madeline is this rich European broad who is cuming in for a checkup and I have to put her on a brand of medicine that is going to prevent her thyroid problem but the only side effect to the medicine is dizziness and fatigue.
I ask her if she is involved in any athletic activity and [...]

Posted on November 2 , 2009 In Medical CFNM

CFNM Handjob At The Denist

I went to the dentist today for my yearly check up.  I hate the dentist, but when I walked in and got seated in the dentist’s chair, a huge smile spread across my face when I saw a model looking chick step through the door to do my dental work.  She was the hottest dentist [...]