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The Mount Michael basketball team, a squad loaded with big brothers from the hood, came into the state tournament to defend their title. They happened to be situated in the same hotel room as the girls from Quinnsigaga, the lady hoopers who loved getting injected with the dick on the weekends.

Marcus, a man of much longwanging fun, began the interracial fuck frenzy between the two teams when he had Kiki doming him out with a cfnm blowjob while he was watching smut in his hotel room.

The girls were outside running sprints to prepare for their state championship game and they wondered where the captain was.

Quite frankly, she had a mouthful of dick as the cfnm blowjob continued in the shower as a buttnaked Marcus ripped Kiki’s trainer’s bra off and started fucking her tits with the warm water running down on both of the athletes.

At that point, Marcus was so revved up from the cfnm domejob that he was ready to park it in the snowbunny’s slippery slit, a task she was certainy up for.

He was, at the time, about a foot taller than her so the first position he pounded her pussy in was baby boy, as he held her up in the air and she clinged her legs around his back as he drilled that wet cooter and she begged for more and slapped his asscheeks while demanding not to fucking stop.

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Dick Doctor

Cherrie Rose Bust Assfuck Anal

Maybelle is this cute Latin hottie who I met at the spa, but she wants to be a nurse, so she gets her kicks out of medical roleplay. She says she’s cumming through for a checkup, but the only catch to the thyroid treatment I’ve giving her for her throat is possible dizziness and fatigue, haha! I asked if she is involved in any sort of workout or athletics and she replies no – just a high sexual appetite – she loves sucking off guys. I’m about to tell her that this might be the problem, but she starts reaching for my wood before I can do so, so I have no choice.

However, I’m the doctor here – so she’s doing as I say. I pull off her thong and tongue her asshole, and she’s squirming and excited, and I explain that obviously something must be wrong with her tract – if she’s giving too much attention to her mouth, she might need to counterbalance at the other end, and she looks at me with wide eyes when I slip a finger in her ass-cherrie, but I’m about the pop it anyways. She’s wearing a thong beneath her skirt, so I sit her up and lube her hole, before slipping my cock in her raw, tight ass as she begins twiddling with her twat super fast as if she’s cleaning brass, just rapidly going back and forth so fast that her pussy’s cum is sprinkling around as I begin stretching her back hole, a cfnm anal fuck fest as she never expected to still be so vulnerable when she’s the one clothed and I’m the one exposed.

Still this Cuban cutie is getting a huge rush of a medical cfnm fantasy, and I’m hitting it so hard from the back that she can feel it inside up against her cunt, and when I’m ready to cum she wants to swallow it but I say “no – better” and I just unload in her cute little booty, that warm wet hole, which was funny afterwards because she was walking around clenching to keep it in. I let her lick my cock, because she insisted, but recommended she take it easy on her throat or I’ll have to “realign” her pipes again to counterbalance too much oral intake. That’s why they call me the Dick Doctor.

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Flip It, Fuck It

Cherrie Rose XXX Porn Anal Sex

James and I are playing games against these college sluts who are trying to distract us with their huge, heavy boobs. Each time it’s our turn to make a move, one of them flashes us from the edge of our peripheral vision, just enough to try throwing us off balance. We’re playing flip cup, chugging down beers and all that, and the drinks soon start getting face-paced and that’s when Steve gets drunk enough to just sling his sausage out, teasing these tarts with his cock. I follow suit, and soon these two sluts are helping us out of our clothes while their friends are watching.  Leading us to the sofas with a cfnm handjob, tugging us along.

Rose, the blond slut, is clearing begging for a cock-pegging to split that little cherrie of hers and she just starts sucking on Steve as her friends begin to cheer and clap and this other girl flashes her titties to encourage him even further.  This girl starts talking all dirty in front of her friends, aching for a cunt quaking, for him to split her slit and then paint her face when ready.  He begins face-fucking her before she gets on her knees and inches off her jeans while sucking him off, enough for him to then bend her over the couch and begin mixing his mammoth man-meat with her muff, fucking her forward as he’s pushing the furniture with each thrust.  CFNM sex is always a treat, the girls get even kinkier because they figure they’re all covered and its the guys attracting attention, but you could see with each outward pull how drenched in her cum his shaft was.

I’m starting to get a blowjob from this other slut while watching my boy do his thing, and that girl just doesn’t stop sucking cock, and when he blurts “I’m going to cum!” she grabs his shaft and balls forcefully, like if she’s squeezing every last drop of spunk out and all over her pretty little face. Super hot!